Tomorrow (16.7.17) its the 3rd Northern Greyhound Gathering (NGG) here’s what you can see. I will be on the meet the hounds of twitter stand with Furfriends. Each hound will be on the stand for 20 minutes come and talk to us about being a hound of twitter.

10.40 @Rolohound and @MissStarHound
11.00 @ember_chops and @EggyElton
11.20 @Bigwillyplonka and family
11.40 @EvaGreyhound and @Nina_Greyhound
12.00 – 14.00 general hounds of twitter meet up, group photo and Hounds of Twitter class
14.00 @WitchMurphy
14.20 @PottsAndPlum
14.40 @Dolly_n_Dash with special guest @BollyBigBolt


Packwood House NT Blog

A Sunny day is a great time to visit a National Trust site so I sent Star and the hoomans out to Packwood House. (I refers to Star as the author of this blog) 

After walking through the reception area cards scanned you are greeted by this sign ! 

We went left following the map we were given in the shop. 

Along past the cafe where dogs are allowed on the terrace. Onto the path 

Through a gate into a field to a gate at the end. 

Into the woods following the path. Coming across a shelter or as I call it a leaking kennel ! 

The path twisted a bit and Hoomom tried to get Me to do the rutty logs on the rutty route. 

The little hoomans we past like the logs. There was also so hanging logs that you could try and make a tune with. Before heading into more fields. 

Once back at the house it was time for lunch as hoomans had a timed entrance ticket in a hour. Hoomans had sausage rolls and crisps. I got a lambs foot. 

Lunch munched it was a short walk over the road to the house. 

Dad and I stayed under the umbrella watching the world go by. 

When Hoomom returned dad went into the house. 

The house was home to Graham Baron Ash and dates to the 16th century. This was before central heating so there was a fireplace in the rooms. Rolo would love lying in front of them getting toasted. 

Turns out Mr Ash was a dog fan and had Dalmatians. 

To get kids interested in the house they hide a collection of something in the house in the rooms. Egg cups, Easter Chicks 🐥 but today was Dalmatians. The one guide said 9 in the rooms but hoomans found 10! 

They forgot to claim their sticker 

The dining room was massive you could feed a whole pack of hounds there. 

Here are some of the other interesting things in the house. 

Mom wouldn’t have liked the visitors in the bathroom 🕷 🕷 

Hoodad had a quick look in the garden. 

Whilst in the house Hoomom had 2 lots of people come and ask about the sports brolly . Back across the road for an ice cream. 

The post describes the house. I enjoyed myself shame we had to leave Rolo at home. 

An enjoyable day in the sun. Thank you Packwood. 

National trust blogs 

Hi Guys I may have told you my Hoomans have joined the national trust. The National Trust now accepts dogs in many of the grounds some cafe terrace areas but sadly not in the properties. 

Star or I will blog our visits as well as getting the hoomans to take photos inside the places. I am going to set myself essentials to my blog. 

  1. Picture of property ideally with hound in front 
  2. Sign post of the property 
  3. Description of walk and in walk photos 
  4. Inside photos to include – places where a dog would like to lie, animal statues or cool animal pictures, kitchen where hound food is prepared
  5. Anything unusual inside the property 
  6. Great views 

I hope you enjoy future National Trust blogs. 

Oxburgh Hall National Trust blog 

Today is the last day of my holiday in Norfolk (other blogs from my adventures to follow) after packing the car we had a quick plod in the forest prior to the rain and thunderstorm. Don’t like thunderstorms so got all stressed. The storm soon past so the hoomans decided we were off to Oxburgh Hall National trust site. 

The car park is well marked out. But we parked under a tree to keep the car cool. 

Waking across the car park are doggie bins with bags in. But we always have loads. It’s a National trust green bin but the boring old red ones. 

There is only one enterance but approaching the outer wall it looks impressive. 

The hall itself is surrounded by a moat and built in 1482 by the Catholic Bedingfeld family.  There is a walled garden and then you approach the hall.

It was decided Hoodad would go in first whilst I found the chairs for Hoomom to sit on. 

Hoodad got given a laminated sheet outlining what rooms are which and some information about them. He took some photos for me to look at.
He knows I like an open fire so he had to take some fire place shots for me. 

I do wonder how many times they fell over the head. Not forgetting the dining table. 

After going up the stairs you can even go up onto the roof. 

Nice views but looked down to see that star and I were chillin with Hoomom. 

When Hoodad came out it was time to do a walk 

Following the yellow arrows. I did go wrong and Star pointed to the correct way. 

Hoomom did get worried about a stile that we came to but I just walked round it. 

After coming out of one woods you walk to the side of the hall. 

Then into another Woodward area. 

After a while the track loops back onto itself and you come across a carved wood face that Star investigated. 

Before leaving the wood and seeing the hall again. 

It was then time for a drink and a frozzy to cool down with. 

Then it was time for Hoomom to look in the house we had some rest and Hoodad wrote this blog. It’s very dog friendly with a box of  games for the small Hoomans to play and plenty of benches and deck chairs. The parking is free so well worth a visit. It gets my paw up.  

But it gets Hoodads thumbs up 👍👍 after the present Hoomom got him from the shop! 

Plus another magnet to go on the fridge at home with the other 50 or so

Sandringham blog 

It’s my second visit to Norfolk so Hoodad had to go back to the Beers of Europe warehouse.  I think he likes Beer. Well they have over a 1000 here. 

On this occasion Hoomom also got some Ciders but they got a few so a trolley was needed ! 

Hooman then drove to Sandringham estate to met up with some of Hoodads friends. Alex was a student radiographer when he worked in Kent 22 years ago with her husband Mark and Son Edward. They had a picnic when we chilled on our blankets. Sorry no food photos they eat too fast to photograph although we got a oxtail and sausage rolls each. Post picnic it was off for a walk in the estate. 

It was a sunny day and a nice walk and then we came across this ! 

As my hounds of twitter friends and West Yorkshire RGT furpals were at Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP) today it was rude not to walk round this as well. They were all wooden carved animals and figures. 

I was getting tired by now so decided to let Star be in some of the photos. Although she is a bit camera shy and tries to walk off before Hoodad has chance to take the photos. 

Although we did have a photo together at the end of the trail. 

Hoomans then went for an ice cream and more chatting.  It was time for a hooman group shot and decided to use Edward as chief selfie taker. I was lying down trying to get some zzzz

As the hoomans are old school they got Edward to take a traditional photo. 

The parking was free and a great day was had by all. 

Essential travel tips to Bamburgh blog 

After my first blog on travel tips was well received I realised I had forgotten other essential things. I will also add some of my reasoning in brackets. 

Travelling there

Print out of accommodation address and contact numbers. (The need to know where to go and may not get a signal on your mobile at the accommodation. 

Temporary holiday address on Pet Log (on Premium pet log you can do this and is useful if you dog gets lost will notify vets within 30 miles of the address.)

Dickybag and poo bags

Things to pack just for your hound. 

Dog packing 

medication for the dog and hiding food (in my case pain and anti-inflammatory tablets and lots of ham) 

medication travel boxes/storage (on a long walk I get medication taken out with me and ham)

blog cards/favourite businesses cards (to promote my blog, get new followers on twitter & often get told nice collar or treats where did they come from –  out comes pink fluffy Kitty card or treats2sit4 cards. 

Bibs/Bandanas (lets others know who you are and part of the lovely big hounds of twitter family) 

treats and treat bag (walking is hard work and I need feeding, good to spoil other dogs – ask Bolly! Hoodad is known as Mr Treatman to him !) 

Wonky money (cafes often sell homemade treats or even Frozzys) 

Towels (we are talking British weather so it can suddenly rain or wiping muddy paws before going back into cars)

Dog jackets (can never have enough coats – sun coat, pyjamas, Equafleece, rain coat ) 

 Clicker (Hoodad is famous for counting how many hounds I walk with)

Reflective Collars/flashing collar lights (in the countryside it’s much darker and often no lights – be safe be seen ! ) 

walking books (easier to follow a book plus for me I look for dog friendly books with no stiles and cafes listed for post walk rest.) 

 travel blanket / walking rug (I like to lie down by don’t like hard surfaces useful in pubs or cafes – dogs more likely to settle when on a friendly surface) 

Toy (in case you aren’t worn out by all the walking) 

Dog suntan cream (Star burns on her belly so needed to protect it) 

-Spare lead (in case you walk next to Robbie Greyhound who likes chewing through leads or yours breaks).  

I’m forgetting that you also need to get to the accommodation/tweet up etc so you need to do car checks. 
Pre Travel Checks

– car checks – oil levels, screen wash,

– Tyre pressures

– Roof box secure (stops it moving when travelling and if it is straight so it saves petrol)


– Music playlist /albums on iPods etc (good music makes it relaxing for hounds to sleep to) 

Breakdown cover details (just in case you get stuck getting there. 

The hoomans also need to ensure they are prepared as well. 

Hooman list

– hats (baseball cap block sun whilst driving or other hats to keep ears warm on walks or keep sun off them and burning. For Hoodads with less hair stop them burning their heads !)

Torch (see earlier points on reflective collars/lights or when needing the toilet in the night when camping or getting back from the pub)

Rucksack (to carry all the dog stuff, water, treats, bedding etc or maybe a drink for the hoomans) 

– money 


-spare batteries for torch

– chargers for phone etc

-Beer/wine (in case shops shut before you get there or as extra supply. 

Sunglasses (for the sun or incase you have too much of the above item.)

clothes and spare shoes 

-Maps/compass/GPS (incase hooman gets lost from walking book – don’t worry I can read a map Bol ! )

-Hounds (I know it’s obvious but just in case ! ) 

Welsh cakes and Bara Brith (specially for Dolly and Dash – for my hoomans pilchard muffins) 

For those of you with a smart phone you can get Any List app which you can make customised lists and tap them and it crosses them off when packed. 

See you on Saturday guys xx 

Travel with Rolo to Bamburgh Blog 

I though I would give you some advice about being ready to travel with your hound. Next week I’m off for a big tweet up in Bamburgh. 60 plus hounds will converge on Saturday for a walk and these are my tips to travel safely. 

I travel on the back seat and Star is in the boot. All our bags are in the roof box but the window grate gives ventilation when moving or in stationary traffic. On the back seat I have a waterproof seat protector (Aldi or Lidl) do them cheap or Halfords do them. 

My top tip is grandmoms teacher tip –

MAGIC PAPER – really it is a couple of sheets of newspaper but it stopped kids being sick on school trips – works for hounds to. 

In the boot it’s all set up for Star newspaper comfy bed, no spill water bowl (Road Refresher) and harness clip locked into the seat belt holder. 

Talking of harnesses it’s always worth harnessing your dog in . It stops them bouncing around the car so much and may help them in an accident. 

Prior to the journey Scullcap and valerian tablets can help reduce stress and taking the solution can be used during the trip or a couple of drops on bedding.

It’s always worth taking spare water I love my K9H2O bottle that my good furpal Holly (@HollyGreyhound) showed me in our Sheffield elephant hunt. This is the 750ml version the lid doubles up as a bowl – the sling carrier is extra. 

But you can get the smaller version which I have with a travel collapsible bowl and top life milk that can be diluted and has a screw cap too. The milk helps Star who doesn’t tend to drink much after walks. 

Other things I suggest is spare bed covers. Rubber gloves incase a dog is sick. Extra newspaper to mop up accidents. Poly bag to put any mishaps in. Wet wipes to wipe any doors, clean hands or hounds. 

On the subject of mishaps that can be travel smells aka hound gas. I’ve got these for the car. 

Other smells are available. It’s always worth taking a first aid kit. Hoomans recently got this one from Go Outdoors 40 items in a waterproof bag with a belt and loop carrier. 

I’m hoping it’s going to be sunny on Bamburgh beach as I’m taking my Sports Brolly that is sun UV protective and it’s nice and cool under it. 

Coming back to the trip you may want a stop off . Bamburgh is 250 miles away so I will need a stop mid way so a book like this is useful. – newer version is available. 

Just like hoomans bring spare clothes don’t forget spare collars or bandanas 

Or more importantly your hounds of twitter bandana. 

But this only covers some of it the next photo will show you I have a lot of stuff just for a weekend. 

The hoomans still need to make pilchard muffins to give out. In Blue Peter style here’s some they made earlier. 

I look forward to seeing you in Bamburgh next week. Don’t forget you tweet up present . We are meeting by 10.45am on 29th April at Links Road Car Park, Bamburgh, NE69 7DF 🐾🐾 Walk starts at 11am along beach.  When tweeting next week use the hashtag -#GreatNorthTweetUp

Travel safe xx 


The West Yorkshire RGT visit YSP blog 

I’m off out again with my friends from West Yorkshire RGT to visit a place I love Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP) It was another early start from Birmingham as it’s 100 miles each way. Hoomans now have been up early 4 days on the trot as 3 have been trips to Crufts. Today the walk is getting an international feel as my Grandpawrents who live in France are with us. Grand pops is driving, Star and I like lying in the back of his car. Thanks for driving 👍

The meeting was 10.30 on the grass by the main entrance for an 11 ‘clock start. I’m excited to see the new Tony Cragg sculptures displaying nearly 50 years of his works which started on 4th March -and runs until September (04.03.17 – 03.09.17). 

We all waited patiently for everyone to arrive 

Hoomom and my GrandPawrents

There were many different colours of greys on the walk. But some lovely white and black ones like Star but much bigger ! 

Just after 11 we set off with Steve and Andrea (@littledyke1) leading the way. 

Paul from @treats2sit4 holding the gate

Hoodad and Grandpawdad were on counting duty 38 dogs which included 1 King Charles Spaniel, whippets and some Lurchers. 

So down the hill we went with Steve ending up at the back as he was busy snapping photos. 

Going down the hill we gained another two dogs so that’s 40 in total which is great for the first time the walk has been at YSP. Many of the walkers had never been to YSP before and were amazed how big it was. 

After going down the hill we had a bit of bottleneck whilst we waited to go through the gate and over the bridge. 

Then along the path with some great sculptures both close by and in the distance. 

On reaching the bridge we had a break to regroup and lots of treats and photos were taken. Even doggie selfies – Steve and Ken and Hoodad with Max (@IlkleyMax) 

Some just looked about and admired the open air- Max and Bolly (@BollyBigBolt) 

We then set off again up the path into the edge of another car park were there is a massive rabbit which seemed a good place for a group photo. 

Up the road and up some steps. 

Before travelling up to the enclosed garden where their are indoor galleries but dogs aren’t allowed. But some great sculptures  outside. 

Arriving back at the visitors centre were we took over the outside seats on the corner. Whilst hoomans had coffee and hounds had treats. 

A big thanks to Andrea for sorting out the parking for us all. Big thanks to the lovely sunny weather and a fun day out. 

My guide to Crufts 

Set off early there may be lots of parking it soon fills up and you sit in the queuing traffic. 

When you park remember which car park you are in and where abouts you are. It’s not a good place to forget where you parked. 

Walk to a bus stop and get the bus in you will do enough walking in the show.

Then when you get to the main entrance have you photo taken with one of the lovely signs do you know you have visited Crufts ! 

Then go into the show and spend lots of money at the 400 plus stalls. There are some great offers. 

Don’t forget to buy a show Guide that has more show Offers the plan of the halls and much more. 

Enjoy the show !!