Wolves in Wolves Part 1 Blog

Saturday 29th July my hoomans were off to find the Wolves art sculptures in Wolverhampton. The walk was going to be 4 plus miles so I sent my roving reporter sister Star @MissStarhound it would be too far for my old legs. (Any reference to me is actually Star)

Hooman has only ever been to Wolverhampton twice before once to see Ken Dodd (very funny) and a meeting. So walking round the city will be fun sightseeing also. They parked up on the outskirts of west park (top left of the map).

This meant a quick walk across the park to find number 7 Baylis – which was sponsored by the Nhs – Wolverhampton Clinical Commissioning Group

Then round to Marston brewery shop which Hoodad had a quick look at but didn't buy any beer heavy to carry all the way round. (8. Thomas)

After walking under a massive roundabout via the underpass it was up Darlington Street to 9. Sunset

Round then a bit of a walk to 10. Support Life

To the end of the road and a right and left until the edge of the market where 11. Compton was.

We walked through the market where dad got some Black Country pork scratchings that he eat quickly so they must have been nice. After leaving the market went up school street to the Arena theatre where 12. Kiyiya was, unfortunately it was inside so no photos with me in.
Here the hoomans managed to pick up a couple of official maps rather than the printed copy from the internet.
A left at the end of the road into church street and then skirt round the outskirts of the Church of St.John in the square. Right into a left and right into George Street where at the end of the road was a rainbow 🌈 well actually wolf 13.Rainbow

Down towards the shopping area and off the the right the central library 14. Meditation

Having Star with them they went a slightly different way to come across 17. Endless Opportunities

But then they had to take it in turns to go and find the two in The Wulfrun Centre. Star had a drink a well deserved rest.

In the entrance was 16. Aurora

Further round the centre in the atrium was 15. Hope

Hoomans doubled back on themselves to 17. Then left into Market Street to find 18. Dynasty

It was now 12.39 and we started to see loads of people walking around in Black and Gold shirts – wolves were playing at home 3pm kick off so all the bars had big blokes outside of them ! (Bouncers) hoomans decided it was time to grap some lunch. Star and Hoomom found seats whilst dad went to get the McDonalds.

Food and rest had a left into queen street to find the fire brigade sponsored wolf 19. Flame 🔥

Star spotted a pet shop and promptly made hoomans take her in and £1 later 8 doggie sausages were bought. Then it was Wolves by transport the first 20. Garden was at the bus 🚌 station.

Then down Railway drive towards the train station 21. Wolfy McWolf

Time to stop half way through the trip it's late and I need walking before going to bed. Part 2 of the trip will follow tomorrow.


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