Rolo goes boating Blog ๐Ÿ›ถ

So 9th July I went boating on “Indigo Dream”  which is a lovely 60ft canal barge. 

We were met at 10.00 on the towpath at Catharine-De-Barnes by Richard (aka skipper) and Alex Puppy (2year old grey). It was good to met on neutral ground in case we didn’t get on. He’s a bit nervous but with a bit of hound sniffing we were friends.

Hoomans were given a tour of the boat and a bit of health and safety. Sue (aka Alex’s Hoomom) just told us hounds to relax. 

I think we managed that. It was a lovely sunny day and its was ideal for traveling down the canal. 

After a while Skipper Richard asked Hoodad if he would like to have a go steering. It was a bit zig zaggy at times he only hit the bank a couple of times. Sorry Indigo for the scratches to the paint work. 

As well as Dad having ago at steering Alex was relaxing with us hounds whilst the 2 hoomoms chatted. 

Sue then made a lovely lunch for the hoomans of bacon and sausage sandwichs who eat them whilst we continued down the Great Union canal. We had some pilchard muffins. We even came to an old tunnel where the horses used to go through a small tunnel.  It was dark so the boat lights went on and the odd cold shower from leaking water from the roof. 

The boat had already gone through 5 locks and it was decided to go down Hatton Flights that’s 21 locks. So Skipper and Dad were on lock opening, winding the cranks to let water in and out of the lock and opening the lock the other end. Just before we went into the first lock another boat asked to join us in the locks and help with the lock work. 

We did go past a boat that wasn’t as good as Indigo Dream – a bit leaky

With all the lock work and the sun we were getting hot and we had brought Frozzys with us. 

After the Frozzys it was more chillin for us hounds. 

With waiting for 3 boats to come up the lock before we entered and the slower boat infront the 21 locks took us 3 hours. The boat was moored up and the Hoodads went in a taxi to collect the cars. Whilst they were gone us 3 hounds had a fridge feast so no food was thrown out – bacon, sausage, sliced beef and sliced chicken. Nommie ! 
It was now 20.30 so we all headed off to the pub for tea.  I shared some top life goats milk with Star and Alex. Hoodad had a pint of goats milk beer . 

So I travelled about 14 miles and did no walking at all -great for a old boy like me. 

Both the hoomans and I loved the boating day with Richard, Sue and Alex Puppy thanks it’s was fab ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿ˜˜


3 thoughts on “Rolo goes boating Blog ๐Ÿ›ถ

  1. What a wonderful blog ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m so glad that you enjoyed the day – we loved having you on board!

    Sue & the Indigodreamers


  2. Wow what a lucky day out you did have on the canal boat. It looked so hexciting. Perhaps me auntie Ruth cud organize a trip like that it would be greyt xx


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