Packwood House NT Blog

A Sunny day is a great time to visit a National Trust site so I sent Star and the hoomans out to Packwood House. (I refers to Star as the author of this blog) 

After walking through the reception area cards scanned you are greeted by this sign ! 

We went left following the map we were given in the shop. 

Along past the cafe where dogs are allowed on the terrace. Onto the path 

Through a gate into a field to a gate at the end. 

Into the woods following the path. Coming across a shelter or as I call it a leaking kennel ! 

The path twisted a bit and Hoomom tried to get Me to do the rutty logs on the rutty route. 

The little hoomans we past like the logs. There was also so hanging logs that you could try and make a tune with. Before heading into more fields. 

Once back at the house it was time for lunch as hoomans had a timed entrance ticket in a hour. Hoomans had sausage rolls and crisps. I got a lambs foot. 

Lunch munched it was a short walk over the road to the house. 

Dad and I stayed under the umbrella watching the world go by. 

When Hoomom returned dad went into the house. 

The house was home to Graham Baron Ash and dates to the 16th century. This was before central heating so there was a fireplace in the rooms. Rolo would love lying in front of them getting toasted. 

Turns out Mr Ash was a dog fan and had Dalmatians. 

To get kids interested in the house they hide a collection of something in the house in the rooms. Egg cups, Easter Chicks 🐥 but today was Dalmatians. The one guide said 9 in the rooms but hoomans found 10! 

They forgot to claim their sticker 

The dining room was massive you could feed a whole pack of hounds there. 

Here are some of the other interesting things in the house. 

Mom wouldn’t have liked the visitors in the bathroom 🕷 🕷 

Hoodad had a quick look in the garden. 

Whilst in the house Hoomom had 2 lots of people come and ask about the sports brolly . Back across the road for an ice cream. 

The post describes the house. I enjoyed myself shame we had to leave Rolo at home. 

An enjoyable day in the sun. Thank you Packwood. 


One thought on “Packwood House NT Blog

  1. What a lovely place to visit, the ice cream looks lovely too. I hope you found all the Dalmatians. I’m hoping to one day find sausage flavour ice cream xx


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