Oxburgh Hall National Trust blog 

Today is the last day of my holiday in Norfolk (other blogs from my adventures to follow) after packing the car we had a quick plod in the forest prior to the rain and thunderstorm. Don’t like thunderstorms so got all stressed. The storm soon past so the hoomans decided we were off to Oxburgh Hall National trust site. 

The car park is well marked out. But we parked under a tree to keep the car cool. 

Waking across the car park are doggie bins with bags in. But we always have loads. It’s a National trust green bin but the boring old red ones. 

There is only one enterance but approaching the outer wall it looks impressive. 

The hall itself is surrounded by a moat and built in 1482 by the Catholic Bedingfeld family.  There is a walled garden and then you approach the hall.

It was decided Hoodad would go in first whilst I found the chairs for Hoomom to sit on. 

Hoodad got given a laminated sheet outlining what rooms are which and some information about them. He took some photos for me to look at.
He knows I like an open fire so he had to take some fire place shots for me. 

I do wonder how many times they fell over the head. Not forgetting the dining table. 

After going up the stairs you can even go up onto the roof. 

Nice views but looked down to see that star and I were chillin with Hoomom. 

When Hoodad came out it was time to do a walk 

Following the yellow arrows. I did go wrong and Star pointed to the correct way. 

Hoomom did get worried about a stile that we came to but I just walked round it. 

After coming out of one woods you walk to the side of the hall. 

Then into another Woodward area. 

After a while the track loops back onto itself and you come across a carved wood face that Star investigated. 

Before leaving the wood and seeing the hall again. 

It was then time for a drink and a frozzy to cool down with. 

Then it was time for Hoomom to look in the house we had some rest and Hoodad wrote this blog. It’s very dog friendly with a box of  games for the small Hoomans to play and plenty of benches and deck chairs. The parking is free so well worth a visit. It gets my paw up.  

But it gets Hoodads thumbs up 👍👍 after the present Hoomom got him from the shop! 

Plus another magnet to go on the fridge at home with the other 50 or so


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