Sandringham blog 

It’s my second visit to Norfolk so Hoodad had to go back to the Beers of Europe warehouse.  I think he likes Beer. Well they have over a 1000 here. 

On this occasion Hoomom also got some Ciders but they got a few so a trolley was needed ! 

Hooman then drove to Sandringham estate to met up with some of Hoodads friends. Alex was a student radiographer when he worked in Kent 22 years ago with her husband Mark and Son Edward. They had a picnic when we chilled on our blankets. Sorry no food photos they eat too fast to photograph although we got a oxtail and sausage rolls each. Post picnic it was off for a walk in the estate. 

It was a sunny day and a nice walk and then we came across this ! 

As my hounds of twitter friends and West Yorkshire RGT furpals were at Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP) today it was rude not to walk round this as well. They were all wooden carved animals and figures. 

I was getting tired by now so decided to let Star be in some of the photos. Although she is a bit camera shy and tries to walk off before Hoodad has chance to take the photos. 

Although we did have a photo together at the end of the trail. 

Hoomans then went for an ice cream and more chatting.  It was time for a hooman group shot and decided to use Edward as chief selfie taker. I was lying down trying to get some zzzz

As the hoomans are old school they got Edward to take a traditional photo. 

The parking was free and a great day was had by all. 


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