Essential travel tips to Bamburgh blog 

After my first blog on travel tips was well received I realised I had forgotten other essential things. I will also add some of my reasoning in brackets. 

Travelling there

Print out of accommodation address and contact numbers. (The need to know where to go and may not get a signal on your mobile at the accommodation. 

Temporary holiday address on Pet Log (on Premium pet log you can do this and is useful if you dog gets lost will notify vets within 30 miles of the address.)

Dickybag and poo bags

Things to pack just for your hound. 

Dog packing 

medication for the dog and hiding food (in my case pain and anti-inflammatory tablets and lots of ham) 

medication travel boxes/storage (on a long walk I get medication taken out with me and ham)

blog cards/favourite businesses cards (to promote my blog, get new followers on twitter & often get told nice collar or treats where did they come from –  out comes pink fluffy Kitty card or treats2sit4 cards. 

Bibs/Bandanas (lets others know who you are and part of the lovely big hounds of twitter family) 

treats and treat bag (walking is hard work and I need feeding, good to spoil other dogs – ask Bolly! Hoodad is known as Mr Treatman to him !) 

Wonky money (cafes often sell homemade treats or even Frozzys) 

Towels (we are talking British weather so it can suddenly rain or wiping muddy paws before going back into cars)

Dog jackets (can never have enough coats – sun coat, pyjamas, Equafleece, rain coat ) 

 Clicker (Hoodad is famous for counting how many hounds I walk with)

Reflective Collars/flashing collar lights (in the countryside it’s much darker and often no lights – be safe be seen ! ) 

walking books (easier to follow a book plus for me I look for dog friendly books with no stiles and cafes listed for post walk rest.) 

 travel blanket / walking rug (I like to lie down by don’t like hard surfaces useful in pubs or cafes – dogs more likely to settle when on a friendly surface) 

Toy (in case you aren’t worn out by all the walking) 

Dog suntan cream (Star burns on her belly so needed to protect it) 

-Spare lead (in case you walk next to Robbie Greyhound who likes chewing through leads or yours breaks).  

I’m forgetting that you also need to get to the accommodation/tweet up etc so you need to do car checks. 
Pre Travel Checks

– car checks – oil levels, screen wash,

– Tyre pressures

– Roof box secure (stops it moving when travelling and if it is straight so it saves petrol)


– Music playlist /albums on iPods etc (good music makes it relaxing for hounds to sleep to) 

Breakdown cover details (just in case you get stuck getting there. 

The hoomans also need to ensure they are prepared as well. 

Hooman list

– hats (baseball cap block sun whilst driving or other hats to keep ears warm on walks or keep sun off them and burning. For Hoodads with less hair stop them burning their heads !)

Torch (see earlier points on reflective collars/lights or when needing the toilet in the night when camping or getting back from the pub)

Rucksack (to carry all the dog stuff, water, treats, bedding etc or maybe a drink for the hoomans) 

– money 


-spare batteries for torch

– chargers for phone etc

-Beer/wine (in case shops shut before you get there or as extra supply. 

Sunglasses (for the sun or incase you have too much of the above item.)

clothes and spare shoes 

-Maps/compass/GPS (incase hooman gets lost from walking book – don’t worry I can read a map Bol ! )

-Hounds (I know it’s obvious but just in case ! ) 

Welsh cakes and Bara Brith (specially for Dolly and Dash – for my hoomans pilchard muffins) 

For those of you with a smart phone you can get Any List app which you can make customised lists and tap them and it crosses them off when packed. 

See you on Saturday guys xx 


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