Travel with Rolo to Bamburgh Blog 

I though I would give you some advice about being ready to travel with your hound. Next week I’m off for a big tweet up in Bamburgh. 60 plus hounds will converge on Saturday for a walk and these are my tips to travel safely. 

I travel on the back seat and Star is in the boot. All our bags are in the roof box but the window grate gives ventilation when moving or in stationary traffic. On the back seat I have a waterproof seat protector (Aldi or Lidl) do them cheap or Halfords do them. 

My top tip is grandmoms teacher tip –

MAGIC PAPER – really it is a couple of sheets of newspaper but it stopped kids being sick on school trips – works for hounds to. 

In the boot it’s all set up for Star newspaper comfy bed, no spill water bowl (Road Refresher) and harness clip locked into the seat belt holder. 

Talking of harnesses it’s always worth harnessing your dog in . It stops them bouncing around the car so much and may help them in an accident. 

Prior to the journey Scullcap and valerian tablets can help reduce stress and taking the solution can be used during the trip or a couple of drops on bedding.

It’s always worth taking spare water I love my K9H2O bottle that my good furpal Holly (@HollyGreyhound) showed me in our Sheffield elephant hunt. This is the 750ml version the lid doubles up as a bowl – the sling carrier is extra. 

But you can get the smaller version which I have with a travel collapsible bowl and top life milk that can be diluted and has a screw cap too. The milk helps Star who doesn’t tend to drink much after walks. 

Other things I suggest is spare bed covers. Rubber gloves incase a dog is sick. Extra newspaper to mop up accidents. Poly bag to put any mishaps in. Wet wipes to wipe any doors, clean hands or hounds. 

On the subject of mishaps that can be travel smells aka hound gas. I’ve got these for the car. 

Other smells are available. It’s always worth taking a first aid kit. Hoomans recently got this one from Go Outdoors 40 items in a waterproof bag with a belt and loop carrier. 

I’m hoping it’s going to be sunny on Bamburgh beach as I’m taking my Sports Brolly that is sun UV protective and it’s nice and cool under it. 

Coming back to the trip you may want a stop off . Bamburgh is 250 miles away so I will need a stop mid way so a book like this is useful. – newer version is available. 

Just like hoomans bring spare clothes don’t forget spare collars or bandanas 

Or more importantly your hounds of twitter bandana. 

But this only covers some of it the next photo will show you I have a lot of stuff just for a weekend. 

The hoomans still need to make pilchard muffins to give out. In Blue Peter style here’s some they made earlier. 

I look forward to seeing you in Bamburgh next week. Don’t forget you tweet up present . We are meeting by 10.45am on 29th April at Links Road Car Park, Bamburgh, NE69 7DF 🐾🐾 Walk starts at 11am along beach.  When tweeting next week use the hashtag -#GreatNorthTweetUp

Travel safe xx 



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