The West Yorkshire RGT visit YSP blog 

I’m off out again with my friends from West Yorkshire RGT to visit a place I love Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP) It was another early start from Birmingham as it’s 100 miles each way. Hoomans now have been up early 4 days on the trot as 3 have been trips to Crufts. Today the walk is getting an international feel as my Grandpawrents who live in France are with us. Grand pops is driving, Star and I like lying in the back of his car. Thanks for driving 👍

The meeting was 10.30 on the grass by the main entrance for an 11 ‘clock start. I’m excited to see the new Tony Cragg sculptures displaying nearly 50 years of his works which started on 4th March -and runs until September (04.03.17 – 03.09.17). 

We all waited patiently for everyone to arrive 

Hoomom and my GrandPawrents

There were many different colours of greys on the walk. But some lovely white and black ones like Star but much bigger ! 

Just after 11 we set off with Steve and Andrea (@littledyke1) leading the way. 

Paul from @treats2sit4 holding the gate

Hoodad and Grandpawdad were on counting duty 38 dogs which included 1 King Charles Spaniel, whippets and some Lurchers. 

So down the hill we went with Steve ending up at the back as he was busy snapping photos. 

Going down the hill we gained another two dogs so that’s 40 in total which is great for the first time the walk has been at YSP. Many of the walkers had never been to YSP before and were amazed how big it was. 

After going down the hill we had a bit of bottleneck whilst we waited to go through the gate and over the bridge. 

Then along the path with some great sculptures both close by and in the distance. 

On reaching the bridge we had a break to regroup and lots of treats and photos were taken. Even doggie selfies – Steve and Ken and Hoodad with Max (@IlkleyMax) 

Some just looked about and admired the open air- Max and Bolly (@BollyBigBolt) 

We then set off again up the path into the edge of another car park were there is a massive rabbit which seemed a good place for a group photo. 

Up the road and up some steps. 

Before travelling up to the enclosed garden where their are indoor galleries but dogs aren’t allowed. But some great sculptures  outside. 

Arriving back at the visitors centre were we took over the outside seats on the corner. Whilst hoomans had coffee and hounds had treats. 

A big thanks to Andrea for sorting out the parking for us all. Big thanks to the lovely sunny weather and a fun day out. 


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