Wolves in Wolves part 2 Blog

Another 15 great Wolves to tell you about. (Me refers to roving reporter my sister Star @MissStarhound)

After leaving 21. Wolf McWolf it was over the bridge and down to the Chubb locks building. In there is a lovely cinema and cafe and they kindly let me into the foyer to grap a photo with 22. Sacred Grandfathers

It was then up the hill to Lichfield street to 23. Beanstalk that was in the foyer of the theatre. The glass reflected the Wolf but a great photo of me !

Hoomans had wanted to take me on the tram to Wolverhampton but sadly I'm not an assistance dog so dogs aren't allowed ! Boo ! But as you can see from this happy little fellow you can get there by bus 🚌

Continuing up the road to the gardens by the memorial cenotaph by St Peters Collegiate church for the correctly name 24. Fallen . Around the wolf were names of those sadly killed in WWI

The gardens are also next to the art gallery (free entry) but again hoomans had to take it in turn to see all the wolves as no dogs allowed in the gallery. There are also loads of small wolves in there.

The two big wolves on the above photo are 01. Wild (top right) and 02. Colour. (Left wolf). As you can see Hoodad also managed to find a selfie frame. He also looked at some of the other exhibits in the gallery a puppet exhibit and a dinosaur exhibit.

They also have a paying exhibit well worth seeing.

On leaving the gallery it was right to the top of road and left to the top of Queen Square where we found 28. Beowulf where they had water fountains. Rolo would love trying to drink these dry but I wasn't so keen to get my paws wet never alone drink the fountains.

Down the road and right towards the civic centre on the plaza was 27. Zeus

Then just at the end of the building it becomes the register office where I found 03. Love. Apparently at the register office hoomans declare their love where my hooparents did this had shut down. Fortunately their love is still going strong.

Not only was it a great pink colour but it smelt good. By now the numbers of people wearing black and gold had multiplied more and more kick off time was approaching so we followed them down to the Molinuex football ground. Those not in the know or my readers further afield home of Wolverhampton Wanders FC.

Yep found myself in the middle of busy football ground. I got some friendly patting and one bloke even offered to make a donation thinking I was on meet and greet and wondered where the collection tin was.
Eventually we found the wolf in the Wolves Museum foyer.

The reflection was terrible but one of the lovely security guys let me in for a quick photo.

Hoodad went to look into the megastore and was amazed at how many shirts there were. On leaving he looked at the security guard on the door with a clicker. He uses one for walks 72 being a good walk. She had clicked 2245 and loads of fans were still going in – wow !!

We left the ground and back under the underpass of the road and then released we had missed 04. Hunter outside the university.

We went back up the hill to the Arena Theatre again I waited outside whilst hoomans got a photo of 25. Fenrir (an Anglo Saxon wolf) that even has its own leaflet to explain what each of the symbols mean.

Then we realised we had missed one outside the main entrance of the civic centre 26. Wolf Ver-Hampton

We then headed to the mander centre where I chilled with mom

Whilst Hoodad went into the centre to get 29. Mander

When Hoomom went into the centre she also found the WolvesinWolves merchandise store on the first floor next to new look. Then we found 30. Claude that's is in a mystery location which we found out where it was from their twitter account – @Wolvesinwolvo

1 final stroll to find the last wolf 06. The Sitting in the WV Active central

Then across the car park and back to where our car was – the facts

First wolf photographed at 11.02
Last wolf photographed at 15.52
Total all 30 wolves found
Time spent 4 hours 50
This all equals – 1 tired hound.

I hope you enjoyed seeing them they are on until 24th September follow the link Wolves in Wolves Website For more details. Well worth seeing for yourself. We were following the Wolf Mapometer link

Thanks to all the sponsors that have helped make this possible.

Keep your eyes peeled for blogs on my finding bears 🐻 in Birmingham's big sleuth trail The Big Sleuth site

Wolves in Wolves Part 1 Blog

Saturday 29th July my hoomans were off to find the Wolves art sculptures in Wolverhampton. The walk was going to be 4 plus miles so I sent my roving reporter sister Star @MissStarhound it would be too far for my old legs. (Any reference to me is actually Star)

Hooman has only ever been to Wolverhampton twice before once to see Ken Dodd (very funny) and a meeting. So walking round the city will be fun sightseeing also. They parked up on the outskirts of west park (top left of the map).

This meant a quick walk across the park to find number 7 Baylis – which was sponsored by the Nhs – Wolverhampton Clinical Commissioning Group

Then round to Marston brewery shop which Hoodad had a quick look at but didn't buy any beer heavy to carry all the way round. (8. Thomas)

After walking under a massive roundabout via the underpass it was up Darlington Street to 9. Sunset

Round then a bit of a walk to 10. Support Life

To the end of the road and a right and left until the edge of the market where 11. Compton was.

We walked through the market where dad got some Black Country pork scratchings that he eat quickly so they must have been nice. After leaving the market went up school street to the Arena theatre where 12. Kiyiya was, unfortunately it was inside so no photos with me in.
Here the hoomans managed to pick up a couple of official maps rather than the printed copy from the internet.
A left at the end of the road into church street and then skirt round the outskirts of the Church of St.John in the square. Right into a left and right into George Street where at the end of the road was a rainbow 🌈 well actually wolf 13.Rainbow

Down towards the shopping area and off the the right the central library 14. Meditation

Having Star with them they went a slightly different way to come across 17. Endless Opportunities

But then they had to take it in turns to go and find the two in The Wulfrun Centre. Star had a drink a well deserved rest.

In the entrance was 16. Aurora

Further round the centre in the atrium was 15. Hope

Hoomans doubled back on themselves to 17. Then left into Market Street to find 18. Dynasty

It was now 12.39 and we started to see loads of people walking around in Black and Gold shirts – wolves were playing at home 3pm kick off so all the bars had big blokes outside of them ! (Bouncers) hoomans decided it was time to grap some lunch. Star and Hoomom found seats whilst dad went to get the McDonalds.

Food and rest had a left into queen street to find the fire brigade sponsored wolf 19. Flame 🔥

Star spotted a pet shop and promptly made hoomans take her in and £1 later 8 doggie sausages were bought. Then it was Wolves by transport the first 20. Garden was at the bus 🚌 station.

Then down Railway drive towards the train station 21. Wolfy McWolf

Time to stop half way through the trip it's late and I need walking before going to bed. Part 2 of the trip will follow tomorrow.

Northern Greyhound Gathering 2017 Blog

Sunday 16th July saw Star, my hoomans and I travel up North for the 3rd Northern Greyhound Gathering. For us it was 122 miles each way to get to Weatherby Racecourse.

I have attended the previous 2 gatherings at the Mining Museum and the old West Yorkshire kennels. The racecourse was clearly marked just off the motorway the important thing was turn right into the racecourse if you went left it was a huge car boot sale. Fortunately there were marshalls on duty with high visibility jackets with greyhounds silhouette on them.

When we arrived hoomans left us in the car briefly whilst they delivered goodies to the cake stall – lemon and lime 🍋 drizzle cake, Victoria sponge and a Raisin & cinnamon loaf. Also dropping off some wine for the raffle. Hoomom collected us whilst dad helped Bolly's dad (see Bolly to put up an event canopy.

The show started at 10 and judging in the show rink started at 11. The first class most handsome lad had 54 dogs in it.

The was a silent auction for some great things to bid for.

Sausage bobbing a firm favourite of mine and duly paid my £1 for a go !

Nail cutting that I quickly walked past as that isn't a stall I like to visit !

The show was across a big field with the stalls on a half U shape

I went on a plod to visit them. Seeing a number of my friends (orange hyperlinks to websites – Dogs on Bikes collars.

Added to our collection was 3 more collars and a tag collar. Then we visited Felicity at Pink Fluffy Kitty 1 collar each then onto Julie at Lilly Moo Lily Moo we got 2 bandanas and placed an order for me to have a waterproof and a summer wet coat made. Not forgetting treats from Stephanie and Paul at Treats2Sit4
Treats2Sit4 also provided the prizes for the classes. Talking of which take a look at the best in show line up.

Passo got reserve in show but the best in show was a very very nice dog

After best in show there was a break which meant many of us got together at the Hounds of Twitter canopy.

Flo (@FloMarg_Whippet) met little Flo Italian Greyhound (@funforflo) Unfortunately we don't have a greyhound in hounds off twitter called Flo otherwise it would be like Russian dolls .

But then we had a group photo.

Before going into the ring for the hounds of twitter class.
The hounds of twitter class was won by Dash (@Dolly_n_Dash) from Cardiff

With Kia (@casalindi) 2nd and Bolly (@BollyBigBolt) 3rd.

In the afternoon were classes for other breeds as well as young handlers.

You can Steve White (@BurlingtonBurlo) taking the all the photos as official photographer and he did an amazing job. You can view these photos here – NGG Photos

Once the hounds of class has been judged I gave some of the peanut butter letters out to fur friends Holly, Flo, Witch and Murphy, Tess, Ruby Olly but a few letters were left and formed a word

My shopping stall was just some of the stalls I went to but if you see the list below the variety of sales was really good.

Not forgetting hoomans also purchased a number of cakes from the very well stocked cake stall. Hoomans think they need 2 next year and to sell dog cakes.

There were some great photos were taken of Star and I

It turned out to be a hot sunny day and fortunately there was Stefs Pet Pantry selling my favourite cold snack Frozzys as well as various dried body parts.

The show this year was by far the biggest and best one and I think it was better than Greyhound Extravaganza and last years GGG so a big well done to all the volunteers for organising it.

Rolo goes boating Blog 🛶

So 9th July I went boating on “Indigo Dream”  which is a lovely 60ft canal barge. 

We were met at 10.00 on the towpath at Catharine-De-Barnes by Richard (aka skipper) and Alex Puppy (2year old grey). It was good to met on neutral ground in case we didn’t get on. He’s a bit nervous but with a bit of hound sniffing we were friends.

Hoomans were given a tour of the boat and a bit of health and safety. Sue (aka Alex’s Hoomom) just told us hounds to relax. 

I think we managed that. It was a lovely sunny day and its was ideal for traveling down the canal. 

After a while Skipper Richard asked Hoodad if he would like to have a go steering. It was a bit zig zaggy at times he only hit the bank a couple of times. Sorry Indigo for the scratches to the paint work. 

As well as Dad having ago at steering Alex was relaxing with us hounds whilst the 2 hoomoms chatted. 

Sue then made a lovely lunch for the hoomans of bacon and sausage sandwichs who eat them whilst we continued down the Great Union canal. We had some pilchard muffins. We even came to an old tunnel where the horses used to go through a small tunnel.  It was dark so the boat lights went on and the odd cold shower from leaking water from the roof. 

The boat had already gone through 5 locks and it was decided to go down Hatton Flights that’s 21 locks. So Skipper and Dad were on lock opening, winding the cranks to let water in and out of the lock and opening the lock the other end. Just before we went into the first lock another boat asked to join us in the locks and help with the lock work. 

We did go past a boat that wasn’t as good as Indigo Dream – a bit leaky

With all the lock work and the sun we were getting hot and we had brought Frozzys with us. 

After the Frozzys it was more chillin for us hounds. 

With waiting for 3 boats to come up the lock before we entered and the slower boat infront the 21 locks took us 3 hours. The boat was moored up and the Hoodads went in a taxi to collect the cars. Whilst they were gone us 3 hounds had a fridge feast so no food was thrown out – bacon, sausage, sliced beef and sliced chicken. Nommie ! 
It was now 20.30 so we all headed off to the pub for tea.  I shared some top life goats milk with Star and Alex. Hoodad had a pint of goats milk beer . 

So I travelled about 14 miles and did no walking at all -great for a old boy like me. 

Both the hoomans and I loved the boating day with Richard, Sue and Alex Puppy thanks it’s was fab 🐶😘

Tomorrow (16.7.17) its the 3rd Northern Greyhound Gathering (NGG) here’s what you can see. I will be on the meet the hounds of twitter stand with Furfriends. Each hound will be on the stand for 20 minutes come and talk to us about being a hound of twitter.

10.40 @Rolohound and @MissStarHound
11.00 @ember_chops and @EggyElton
11.20 @Bigwillyplonka and family
11.40 @EvaGreyhound and @Nina_Greyhound
12.00 – 14.00 general hounds of twitter meet up, group photo and Hounds of Twitter class
14.00 @WitchMurphy
14.20 @PottsAndPlum
14.40 @Dolly_n_Dash with special guest @BollyBigBolt

Packwood House NT Blog

A Sunny day is a great time to visit a National Trust site so I sent Star and the hoomans out to Packwood House. (I refers to Star as the author of this blog) 

After walking through the reception area cards scanned you are greeted by this sign ! 

We went left following the map we were given in the shop. 

Along past the cafe where dogs are allowed on the terrace. Onto the path 

Through a gate into a field to a gate at the end. 

Into the woods following the path. Coming across a shelter or as I call it a leaking kennel ! 

The path twisted a bit and Hoomom tried to get Me to do the rutty logs on the rutty route. 

The little hoomans we past like the logs. There was also so hanging logs that you could try and make a tune with. Before heading into more fields. 

Once back at the house it was time for lunch as hoomans had a timed entrance ticket in a hour. Hoomans had sausage rolls and crisps. I got a lambs foot. 

Lunch munched it was a short walk over the road to the house. 

Dad and I stayed under the umbrella watching the world go by. 

When Hoomom returned dad went into the house. 

The house was home to Graham Baron Ash and dates to the 16th century. This was before central heating so there was a fireplace in the rooms. Rolo would love lying in front of them getting toasted. 

Turns out Mr Ash was a dog fan and had Dalmatians. 

To get kids interested in the house they hide a collection of something in the house in the rooms. Egg cups, Easter Chicks 🐥 but today was Dalmatians. The one guide said 9 in the rooms but hoomans found 10! 

They forgot to claim their sticker 

The dining room was massive you could feed a whole pack of hounds there. 

Here are some of the other interesting things in the house. 

Mom wouldn’t have liked the visitors in the bathroom 🕷 🕷 

Hoodad had a quick look in the garden. 

Whilst in the house Hoomom had 2 lots of people come and ask about the sports brolly . Back across the road for an ice cream. 

The post describes the house. I enjoyed myself shame we had to leave Rolo at home. 

An enjoyable day in the sun. Thank you Packwood. 

National trust blogs 

Hi Guys I may have told you my Hoomans have joined the national trust. The National Trust now accepts dogs in many of the grounds some cafe terrace areas but sadly not in the properties. 

Star or I will blog our visits as well as getting the hoomans to take photos inside the places. I am going to set myself essentials to my blog. 

  1. Picture of property ideally with hound in front 
  2. Sign post of the property 
  3. Description of walk and in walk photos 
  4. Inside photos to include – places where a dog would like to lie, animal statues or cool animal pictures, kitchen where hound food is prepared
  5. Anything unusual inside the property 
  6. Great views 

I hope you enjoy future National Trust blogs. 

Oxburgh Hall National Trust blog 

Today is the last day of my holiday in Norfolk (other blogs from my adventures to follow) after packing the car we had a quick plod in the forest prior to the rain and thunderstorm. Don’t like thunderstorms so got all stressed. The storm soon past so the hoomans decided we were off to Oxburgh Hall National trust site. 

The car park is well marked out. But we parked under a tree to keep the car cool. 

Waking across the car park are doggie bins with bags in. But we always have loads. It’s a National trust green bin but the boring old red ones. 

There is only one enterance but approaching the outer wall it looks impressive. 

The hall itself is surrounded by a moat and built in 1482 by the Catholic Bedingfeld family.  There is a walled garden and then you approach the hall.

It was decided Hoodad would go in first whilst I found the chairs for Hoomom to sit on. 

Hoodad got given a laminated sheet outlining what rooms are which and some information about them. He took some photos for me to look at.
He knows I like an open fire so he had to take some fire place shots for me. 

I do wonder how many times they fell over the head. Not forgetting the dining table. 

After going up the stairs you can even go up onto the roof. 

Nice views but looked down to see that star and I were chillin with Hoomom. 

When Hoodad came out it was time to do a walk 

Following the yellow arrows. I did go wrong and Star pointed to the correct way. 

Hoomom did get worried about a stile that we came to but I just walked round it. 

After coming out of one woods you walk to the side of the hall. 

Then into another Woodward area. 

After a while the track loops back onto itself and you come across a carved wood face that Star investigated. 

Before leaving the wood and seeing the hall again. 

It was then time for a drink and a frozzy to cool down with. 

Then it was time for Hoomom to look in the house we had some rest and Hoodad wrote this blog. It’s very dog friendly with a box of  games for the small Hoomans to play and plenty of benches and deck chairs. The parking is free so well worth a visit. It gets my paw up.  

But it gets Hoodads thumbs up 👍👍 after the present Hoomom got him from the shop! 

Plus another magnet to go on the fridge at home with the other 50 or so

Sandringham blog 

It’s my second visit to Norfolk so Hoodad had to go back to the Beers of Europe warehouse.  I think he likes Beer. Well they have over a 1000 here. 

On this occasion Hoomom also got some Ciders but they got a few so a trolley was needed ! 

Hooman then drove to Sandringham estate to met up with some of Hoodads friends. Alex was a student radiographer when he worked in Kent 22 years ago with her husband Mark and Son Edward. They had a picnic when we chilled on our blankets. Sorry no food photos they eat too fast to photograph although we got a oxtail and sausage rolls each. Post picnic it was off for a walk in the estate. 

It was a sunny day and a nice walk and then we came across this ! 

As my hounds of twitter friends and West Yorkshire RGT furpals were at Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP) today it was rude not to walk round this as well. They were all wooden carved animals and figures. 

I was getting tired by now so decided to let Star be in some of the photos. Although she is a bit camera shy and tries to walk off before Hoodad has chance to take the photos. 

Although we did have a photo together at the end of the trail. 

Hoomans then went for an ice cream and more chatting.  It was time for a hooman group shot and decided to use Edward as chief selfie taker. I was lying down trying to get some zzzz

As the hoomans are old school they got Edward to take a traditional photo. 

The parking was free and a great day was had by all.