The West Yorkshire RGT visit YSP blog 

I’m off out again with my friends from West Yorkshire RGT to visit a place I love Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP) It was another early start from Birmingham as it’s 100 miles each way. Hoomans now have been up early 4 days on the trot as 3 have been trips to Crufts. Today the walk is getting an international feel as my Grandpawrents who live in France are with us. Grand pops is driving, Star and I like lying in the back of his car. Thanks for driving 👍

The meeting was 10.30 on the grass by the main entrance for an 11 ‘clock start. I’m excited to see the new Tony Cragg sculptures displaying nearly 50 years of his works which started on 4th March -and runs until September (04.03.17 – 03.09.17). 

We all waited patiently for everyone to arrive 

Hoomom and my GrandPawrents

There were many different colours of greys on the walk. But some lovely white and black ones like Star but much bigger ! 

Just after 11 we set off with Steve and Andrea (@littledyke1) leading the way. 

Paul from @treats2sit4 holding the gate

Hoodad and Grandpawdad were on counting duty 38 dogs which included 1 King Charles Spaniel, whippets and some Lurchers. 

So down the hill we went with Steve ending up at the back as he was busy snapping photos. 

Going down the hill we gained another two dogs so that’s 40 in total which is great for the first time the walk has been at YSP. Many of the walkers had never been to YSP before and were amazed how big it was. 

After going down the hill we had a bit of bottleneck whilst we waited to go through the gate and over the bridge. 

Then along the path with some great sculptures both close by and in the distance. 

On reaching the bridge we had a break to regroup and lots of treats and photos were taken. Even doggie selfies – Steve and Ken and Hoodad with Max (@IlkleyMax) 

Some just looked about and admired the open air- Max and Bolly (@BollyBigBolt) 

We then set off again up the path into the edge of another car park were there is a massive rabbit which seemed a good place for a group photo. 

Up the road and up some steps. 

Before travelling up to the enclosed garden where their are indoor galleries but dogs aren’t allowed. But some great sculptures  outside. 

Arriving back at the visitors centre were we took over the outside seats on the corner. Whilst hoomans had coffee and hounds had treats. 

A big thanks to Andrea for sorting out the parking for us all. Big thanks to the lovely sunny weather and a fun day out. 

My guide to Crufts 

Set off early there may be lots of parking it soon fills up and you sit in the queuing traffic. 

When you park remember which car park you are in and where abouts you are. It’s not a good place to forget where you parked. 

Walk to a bus stop and get the bus in you will do enough walking in the show.

Then when you get to the main entrance have you photo taken with one of the lovely signs do you know you have visited Crufts ! 

Then go into the show and spend lots of money at the 400 plus stalls. There are some great offers. 

Don’t forget to buy a show Guide that has more show Offers the plan of the halls and much more. 

Enjoy the show !!

West Yorkshire RGT Roundhay Walk Blog

I’m on Holibobs so I travelled up to Leeds to join in with the West Yorkshire RGT walk round Roundhay Park. We met on the forecourt by the cafe. Steve was busy running around taking photos for the RGT Facebook and Twitter accounts. Including going up the slope to get a wide angled shot of us all. 

Hoodad and Star positioned themselves by the front armed with the clicker. So at 11.00 we set off – 67 dogs later they joined the back of the line. Last year there was 35 so it’s getting popular. We walked away from the cafe and onto the path at the side of the lake. 

I on the other hand walked on the grass. Softer on my old paws. 

There was lots of Christmas jumpers tinsel on display. 

It was a lovely sunny winters day and dad discovered that taking a photo into the sun make the most lovely photos. 

Sometimes the path was muddy so we moved onto the grass – which was equally muddy. Then past this bulding. Although the lake was signposted to keep out so no swimming hounds or hoomans. 

We continued round the lake 

A brief stop to allow everyone to catch up before  heading back to the cafe. I did see some of my twitter friends Bolly 

And Ilkley Max 

There was cake for hoomans and our pals from Treats2Sit4 (follow the link for great treats ! My favourites) had  some gifts from Santapaws and one dog really knew what to do to get the goodies ! 

1 dog even had a passenger ! 

And like me another found it tiring ! 

A collection tin was carried round for anyone wishing to make a donation. 

£237.17 was collected which is excellent.  Before I left I said hello to the lovely Violet the ambassadors for the branch. Plus a goodbye to Alfie. 

Thanks everyone for turning up and making Star and I feel welcome. 

Discover Dogs visit a must 

I travelled down from Birmingham last night to stay with Grandad so I could visit Discover Dogs at Excel on Saturday. Star and I had new collars with dog themes from our friends at Pink Fluffy Kitty. 

Unfortunately dogs are not normally allowed to the show I have a special invitation from the Kennel Club to blog there. We parked in the orange car park by the venue a reasonable £15 all day. (Not bad for London Prices) we then followed some dogs into the venue up the slope and into the special dog entrance.  

I had a bit of a upset stomach (found out it was grandad gave me 2 year out of date treats😒) so I sent Star to get a programme and she saw loads of visitors coming in and kids getting wrist bands to to wear in case they got lost. The program was £5 It came in it’s own pink bag with Eukanuba on (the show sponsor) inside the bag was the programme, money off Eukanuba, a puppy guide and a sample of food. The programme contained all the show information and a really good floor plan. 

Whilst Star got the programme I watched one of the 3 rings with individual dogs doing good citizen award activities and bring scored for them. 

It was now approaching 11am so we went to the Kennel Club stand and we both met Devon the 2016 Crufts best in show winner. Plus had our photos taken with the trophy. Boy it’s a big trophy much bigger than it looks on the telly. I think Devon could sleep in it if she tried. 

There are over 200 breeds of dog on display at Discover Dogs and I will talk more about them in another blog. But there are exercise areas for doggie conscience although one bloke was brushing the sawdust like lines on a tennis court. 

We went and looked at the dogs in the breed pens and even saw Mary Ray doing a demonstration on how she builds a routine up for heelwork to music piece. 

I had loads of fuss from hoomans walking round and got asked questions about greyhounds as pets. I went to the greyhound homer stand and chilled out with my twitter pals @Jimmygreyhound and got treats from @indigodreamers I then walked a bit more and bumped into Jet a twitter pal who came first in the companion dog show AV Sporting Open class ! Well done Jet ! 👍👍 

In the rink was the judging for the semi final of Scruffs were the winner goes to Crufts for the final in 2017. The winner was this stunner ! 

Before heading off I saw one of the roving reporters ! 

Before heading back along the concourse home! The good news is you can experience all of this for yourself on Sunday ! Tickets are still available 

Discover dogs tickets
I loved my day out at Discover Dogs so please go and see it for yourself ! 

Discover Dogs 1 day to go ! 

Well tonight I go to Kent Grandads before I travel to London to go to Discover Dogs. Hooded dad says it’s the big smoke! I say I’m looking forward to going as there is so much to see Plus I’ve never visited London.  Unfortunately I’m not allowed to go in the main arena so I’m hoping there will be a tv screen I can watch it on.

The show is called Discover Dogs and you can meet over 200 breeds. If you were thinking of getting a dog this is a really good place to ask questions meet the dogs and hopefully find your ideal four legged mate. Get advice on registered kennel club breeders or rehoming centres. I’m going to do a Rolo meets other breeds blog from the show. But the video shows you what breed section has to offer. 

Meet the breeds video
There are shops there to get accessories for dogs and humans a like. I’m off to pack my shopping bags. Christmas is fast approaching and I may be able to bag some early presents. 

It’s a good job I’m a sight hounds as I will need to keep my eyes open for the Doggy Roving Reporters 

I shall try a have a chat with any I see ask what they’ve been up to and with any luck grab a selfie. But during the day there will be lots of social media chat follow the kennel club Have I mentioned about small hoomans – kids 

At the show there’s is also the companion dog club competition going on. (See hyperlink)

Companion dog club competition list of classes
And Scruffs semi final where the winner will go to Crufts 2017 Scruffs Programme

Talking of Crufts I need to seek out Devon the Crufts 2016 best in show winner ! 

Not forgetting the chance to see the next generation of dog handlers Junior Warren Competition And the junior Kennel club area. It’s good job they sell a show guide  for £5 there’s is so much to see and do. 

Below is a link to the website for a full list of what’s on each day. 

Plan you day 

I look forward to sharing my adventures with you. Tickets are still available for Saturday and Sunday Tickets website

Discover dogs Competition Blog  

This year I am off to London for my first ever trip. Why ? 

I’m going to Discover Dogs. You can come and see me there as I have free tickets to give away for either Saturday 22nd October 2016 or Sunday 23rd October 2016. I have 4 pairs of tickets to giveaway for either day. For a chance to win 1 pair of tickets just answer this simple question. 

Whch venue is Discover Dogs being held at?

Closing date will be 18.00 on Friday 14th October 2016. Only 1 entry per household. Winners will be notified by email or twitter depending on how you enter. 

Please email me the answer

Or tweet me @Rolohound

You will see me wearing my bib when I’m at the show. 

Under 12’s go free. 

If you want to see what’s at the show watch the video below. 

 Discover dogs video

Or you can buy tickets at the link below. 

Tickets link

Chatsworth Beyond Limits sculptures blog

My hoomans are members at Chatsworth house in Derbyshire the home of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire.

Friday 9th September they went to the members preview viewing of the Beyond Limits Sotheby’s at Chatsworth. It’s now in its 10th year and brings together leading artists work spread across the gardens.

Better still it’s included in the garden entry fee and runs between 10th September -30th October 2016.
You get given a map with the locations of the 19 Sculptures.

But I’m a hound who like walking on grass so we didn’t do them in order. We started at 19. Lilas

Then to 18. Tear which was really cool as I could see my reflection in it.

On the lake is 17. Time and Again I thought it was a bit like water lilies.

Then to 16. La Montagne who had her boobies on display.

I wasn’t looking !

Up the hill from the lake to 15. Hexad III

Star then lost me as I found 14. Taichi Arch see looked left.

Then right.

When she eventually found me we moved to 13. Habitacion Vegatal XV (Dobie Pasaje) where again I could see my reflection and it looked like a forest in it.

Down the path and up towards the ring pond. 10. Energy 2 was down the path between the hedges so not very easy to get in on the shot.

Three other sculptures by Wendell Castle were all by the pond. 9. Wandering mountain is a good example of why I went.

And now with me.

I’ll let you decide which looks better. Moving onto 8. Temptation

7. Above within beyond.

Up to 11.Der Gurk (German for gerkin) Hoodad said this would make 1000’s of Big Macs. I don’t like gerkin.

We went through to the maze and had some milk as we had done a lot of walking. The next one 12. Chaos Meteoro involved an up hill climb.

Star went up fast as usual – young blood (I’m 3 years her senior)

It was a nice one and well worth the climb.

As we were at the top path we came down the hill listening to the cascade water.

Listening to all the water made me thirsty so I had another drink.

Again another sculpture with boobies out 4. Donna Sdraiata. Still not looking.

We went down the lawn to 6. Fruitcake which was huge you can see it as you drive into the grounds.

Up the lawn to 5. Black Beast that was like a large Beatle. I got close to it but observed the signs and didn’t touch it.

Walked along the path to the sensory garden. The sculpture was celebrating the embrace between (3) Hector and Andromache. Before he went to his death in the battle of Troy.

In the sensory garden they had some lambs ear sage. I have done a bit of Photoshop to it….. Bol !

Star wanted to chase the next sculpture 2. Foilium as it was like a large ball.

We walked down the path to the house.

Before seeing number 1. Red Mountain Head as the last one.

The gardens at Chatsworths are fab any time of year but when you get the chance to see sculptures as well its a even better. Follow the link to Chatsworth website to read more about Chatsworth or better still book your tickets to go.

My apologies for a longer than normal blog but it was such a great night out.

Virtual GGG class 2016

This year the Great Greyhound Gathering on Saturday 17th September and has a new venue. It’s now at Stoneleigh Park near Coventry. For the second year I am organising an extra special class a virtual GGG class – “hounds of Twitter class” this is for any dog with a twitter account.
Unfortunately not all of my Twitter or blog friends can get to Coventry as it’s too far to come, get stressed or too old. To enter the class please read the rules of this class below.

Virtual GGG rules

1. Only 1 entry per dog who can not attend GGG.
2. You must submit 2 photos of the dog using the Twitter account @VirtualGGG
3. One photo must show the dog wearing your hounds of Twitter or your Twitter @address visible.
4. The second photo is a full side standing shot.
5. Please state your name, sex and age
5. Virtual prizes will be awarded up to 6th place. (Please not this is a mixed class for any dog, bitch, age or breed)

7. Closing date for last admission to the class is Midnight 14th September 2016 (GMT)
8. Judges decision is final.
9. Entrance is free but any donations can be made to the Retired Greyhound Trust by their donation button

As you can see I’m wearing my hounds of Twitter bandana at pride whilst at the greyhound walks show in August 2015.
So please feel free to retweet this blog and enter the class.

Malham Cove walk blog

On my holibobs in Yorkshire in July I went to the Malham cove for a walk. The main car park has toilets and the information centre. The parking is pay and display and when we went it was very busy. Hoomans managed to get on the road and had to put a donation into the honesty milk earn. We then walked across to the visitors centre where dogs are welcome.

The man in the visitors centre said with my walking the best walk was up to the cove and back should take
1.5-2 hours. So off we set up the road and past some Rabbits !

Then along the stream that just made me want to wee up any available bush.

There was also some gravel paths but there was grass either side so good for my paws. Star was obviously in the lead and wanted to see the cove rock formation first.

As we got to the cove the path got a lot more stoney so hoomom and us hounds rested up.

Dad went to look at the cove and found one of his geocaches. Whilst there he also saw a crazy rock climber.

On his return he was hungry so out came the biscuits.

Star was given the choice and preferred the look of the doggie ones.

On the way home I decided to try the local water.

Dad decided to have a selfie with the stream to be photo bombed by Star.

On returning to the village a beer was in order so we popped into the Lister Arms

Hoomans asked for a table with lots of space for us hounds without people falling over us. The lovely bar lady found a space and went and got us a bed. I promptly lay on two of them so Hoodad had to go and find another one.

Hoomans ordered some food and we got a homemade biscuit from the bar man.

Hoodad has since written a trip advisor review of the lister arms so far as to say they enjoyed the food. Whilst we made ourselves comfy.

We did the shortest walk around Malham estate there are many more walks and longer ones. The visitor centre has got great maps to help you around the estate.